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How to Attract Women Without Talking to Them

When you think of communicating with a woman through fuck book, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Your pickup lines? How about the pleasantries you exchange with her? Maybe you’re thinking of the way you shower her with compliments. All of these represent communication, but they’re also verbal like sexting. Did you know […]

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How to DM a Girl and Actually Get Her to Respond

Many successful hookups started with a DM. Of course, the person who got the DM needed to respond to it before things went any further. It’s not hard to send a message once you’ve mastered basic spelling and phone use, but are you guaranteed a response? Of course, you aren’t! Nobody owes you anything, so […]

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How to Get out of the Friendzone with a Sexy Girl (for Good)

It’s hard to resist the allure of a sexy girls. It isn’t hard to imagine why when the word “sexy” is used. Being attracted to these girls is almost inevitable and so is wanting to sleep with them is even more so. If you feel as if you’d like to take your sexy friend to […]

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How to Make Your Ex Jealous

Jealousy is one of the most powerful emotions that exists. It can be uncomfortable to be jealous, but there’s a sense of accomplishment that can’t be explained when you are the reason someone is jealous.  This sense of pride may be the reason you want to make your ex jealous. Maybe you just want to […]

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How to Netflix and Chill (and Actually Get Laid)

Netflix and chill is one of the most popular expressions today. While there are still people that believe that the “chill” means simply hanging out, others have more sexy motives. Regardless of if your fuck buddy thinks she’s coming to eat some popcorn or not, your mission is most likely to get laid. So, the […]

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How to Win at Tinder and Get Them in Your Bed

Tinder, an alternative to fuckbook, is a dating site at heart, and it should be used to form meaningful connections, right? Of course not! That’s not why you’re looking for tips, and that’s certainly not why you joined Tinder in the first place. The women that are there looking for a good man to become […]

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