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How To Safely Fuck During COVID-19

February 4, 2022
By: Zephaniah Munro

Based on the evidence, COVID-19 is not passed on via anal or vaginal intercourse. But, the virus can be passed on via contact with droplets from the mouth and nose, which include the saliva of a positive or infected person that can occur through close contact. So, meaning there is a considerable threat of passing on the virus via kissing as well as physical touching making the use a fuckbook a little more difficult. Also, there is a proof that the Covid-19 is present in feces, therefore licking anal areas, including rimming, might be one way of having this virus.

Can You Have Sex During this Time of Pandemic?

During the pandemic, a lot of governments all over the world imposed a guideline to stay inside to limit physical contact and avoid the spread of Covid 19. Keep on reading to know more about sex during this time of the pandemic.

Sex with Signs or Symptoms

Once you or your partner are showing signs of virus-like dry cough, difficulty in breathing, or high temperature, you must limit close physical contact in order to end the spread of the Covid. So, it means avoiding physical intimacy like cuddling and kissing and even vaginal, oral, and anal sex.

Non-Physical Contact

Masturbation doesn't have Covid risk and is considered an effective way to enjoy sex during this time of the pandemic. You can also explore other means to have sexual intercourse with someone physically present, which include a webcam or phone sex.

Once you chose to go live online, ensure to be conscious of what you're sharing and whom you're sharing with. Your sexual partner might want to discover this new means of being sexual, but you must not feel pressured to share it online or over the phone if you do not want to.

If you reside in one house as a regular sex partner and both have no signs, you can keep sex as normal. Just continue to Netflix and chill as usual. However, if your partner is having sexual intercourse with others who do not reside in one home, there is an increased chance of having this virus.

During this time of virus, a lot of countries all over the world are discouraging hooking up and having sexual intercourse with those you do not live with. This is because it increases the risk of having the virus or passing it to others that undermines the effort of public health. For sex workers, think of going online or use videos as well as chat rooms.

How to Limit the Spread of Virus During Sex

  •  You can limit the chance of having or passing on the virus during sex by following these tips.
  •  Avoid kissing
  •  You have to keep away from sex activities that include rimming and kissing around the anus
  •  Use dental dams to condoms to lessen the contact with feces or saliva
  •  Take a bath and wash hands and body properly with soap before and after having sexual intercourse.
  •  When using sex toys, clean and wash them properly
  •  Think of sexual arousal methods that do not involve physical contact

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