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How To Netflix And Chill (And Actually Get Laid)

August 1, 2021
By: Zephaniah Munro

Netflix and chill is one of the most popular expressions today. While there are still people that believe that the “chill” means simply hanging out, others have more sexy motives.

Regardless of if your fuck buddy thinks she’s coming to eat some popcorn or not, your mission is most likely to get laid. So, the question becomes, how do you ensure that opens herself up to you (no pun intended)?

It all boils down to getting her comfortable and in the required mood where she also wants to have sex. Once you get that science down, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to get laid. Check out the information below for some useful information for this scenario.

Get the Prerequisites Sorted Out

Chances are that you've invited some lucky lady over to make you a lucky guy. You know you want instant sex, but that may not be possible. So, you need to go through the Netflix and chill façade to pretend as if you want to spend some quality time with her.

Therefore, you need to be prepared for the chill session with all the essentials to make her relaxed enough to let you into her warm wonderland.

The first order of business is food and drinks. It is said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but women are very receptive to food. In fact, some women are known to accept dates just to get some free food, so it doesn't help your chances.

The meal shouldn't be anything too complex. It's movie food after all, right? Stick to things that are placed directly into the mouth or eaten using the hands. This gives you a lot of options such as popcorn or chips. Create a nice and accessible selection, where everything is easy to reach prior to her arrival.

Remember that her relaxation is a requirement and alcohol is a great way to help her to get settled. Therefore, booze is a no-brainer. Please don't make the mistake of thinking that this is permission for you to get her drunk. She should only be drinking as much as she wants to and not as much as you think she should.

Women are suckers for men that keep a clean house. Do you want to make sure that she agrees to meet and fuck tonight? Make sure that she isn't disgusted about removing her clothes and laying down for you to get it on. Even if you're usually a slob, it's time to fake it as you mean it.

Note that it is also way easier for her to be ready to go roughhousing with you in bed if you two are alone. Bringing her home and introducing her to your roommate may not make her too keen on having a casual encounter, so you need to ensure she's alone with you.

Even you pay off your roommate if necessary, as the end totally justifies the means. Depending on the person, your roommate could be paid off to either go out or to stay confined to his/her room.

Finally, (and this goes without saying) set a convenient date. A night is best and try to opt for one of her free days so she's not tired.

Create an Environment That Says "we Can Have Sex Now"

Don't misinterpret this to mean that she should be thinking about like sex as soon as she walks in. So, please don't write "let's fuck now" on the walls. It simply means that the environment is comforting enough for her to let her guard (and her panties) down.

The right lighting is a superb mood setter. Either get a dim setting professionally installed, set it up yourself, or just opt for candles. Low warm lighting is conducive to getting your groove on.

Great smells also go a long way in getting women to the point of wanting to sleep with you. This applies to your room just as much as it applies to your cologne. Try something floral such as lavender with an air freshener. She may even comment on it, which lets you know it's working.

Her Arrival

Your setup should make this part easy enough. Bear the following points in mind:

  • Turn your fuckbook off
  • Use pillows on both sides of the couch to influence her to sit close
  • Invite her to sit and have a little chat before the movie
  • Don't interrupt the movie unless she already wants to have casual sex
  • Flirt lightly after the movie using your speech, eye contact, and touch
  • Don't force it on her. Take it slow and watch her responses

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