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Free Fuckbook App was specifically created for those people only interested in fuck dating. With us you no longer have to spend a lot of hours on meaningless talks and getting to know each other, because our members use Free Fuckbook App only to meet and fuck with likeminded people all over the world. So what exactly Free Fuckbook App is? Our app can be best described as a fuck book where you will find people that want to hookup and have sex right away. It is not an app for serious relationships and finding a partner to get married. It is an app for meeting people who just want to fuck. Don't be fooled by other dating apps, we're a hookup app for people who like to fuck.

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Fuckbook Fundamentals: Before we jump into the ultimate guide to creating the best online dating profile we need to lay out some ground rules. These are things you should already know and if you don’t then well you will learn something new. First off, in order to be able to sign up with us, you have to be 18 years or older. That should come as a no brainer. So let me bring up one major issue we see all the time that users don’t seem to understand, which is hookup etiquette. Yes Etiquette, if you are not familiar with this term it is simply the “customary code of polite behavior in society or among members in a specific group.”

Online dating may seem like a place where you can go to escape reality to talk and act like someone your not but that’s not the case. If you do this you will not be doing any sort of meet and fuck.

How would anyone find out? Great question, everyone that is a fuck book member has the ability to contact our 24-hour support team whenever they feel like it. They can:

A. File a claim against you for posting, sharing, messaging fake photos and videos or;

B. report you for any rude inappropriate behavior.

Once a claim or report has been filed it will take on average 24 hours or so for our team to investigate and if they find you have not been following our standard rules your account will be frozen and in some cases banned for life. So do yourself and other members a favor by being 100% authentic and show some good manners.

Can I fuck now?

All of the members on our fuck app are looking to get laid and fuck locals in their area as quick as possible. Here are a few quick tips on how to show good etiquette so you can meet and fuck a member within 24 hours…

Now that you know the code of behavior let's get to the good stuff, your profile. In order to make your profile stand out above all others follow the guide below!

Creating Your Fuck Site Profile

  1. Think of a unique username - This can be anything but try to stay away from your real name and random numbers. If you want users to remember you, you need to make sure the username you choose is simple by using names and dates. Examples: “PeachyPerfect” “HardAsRock89” “SexySally” “IceQueen1990”
  2. Profile name - This must be DIFFERENT than your username. Why? This is the name people will most likely call you when they message you.
  3. Personal information - Provide what you are willing to share with all users. We suggest putting your first name as your profile name and age. You can add in the month and year so users know when it is your birthday and can shower you with gifs.
  4. Photos - The more photos the better! For your profile photo make sure it is up close and personal. Show off your face. Sunglasses are not recommended. Why? Users want to be able to see who you are and what you look like. Post as many full length, up close, nudes, face blurred, and sexy photos as you want on your main page. Save your risky images for a discreet chat.
  5. Fantasies - This is a new section on your profile page, you can now add in a sentence, bullet points or a short paragraph explaining what you fantasize about so other members can read and relate to you. An example here would be stating “I’m looking for a “schoolgirl teen sex fantasy”. If you do not want to share this information you don't have to, turn off the “show fantasies” by going under settings and clicking “hide fantasies.”
  6. Create your own Wish list - a wishlist for fuck sites is a pretty genius idea right? We thought so… Make a list of up to 10 things you wish to get from users. Such as, “have a threesome”, “get a personal fuckbuddy”, “fuck a milf”, “nude cam chat with teens”
  7. Further down there is another part to the profile most seem to skip which is What you are looking for? - It is crucial you fill this out if you want the best experience. Why? Everyone has a different sex life, whether that be the people they like to sleep with or what they want out of a fuck finder. What do I put? Talk about the type of person you want to fuck, dreams, and goals. Remember this does not have to be long but the more personal you make this section the better your profile will be. Here's an example: “I am looking for milfs to satisfy all of my fantasies which include a ___ with multiple mature women that are between 35-40 years old..”
  8. Lastly is your Favorite sex position - DO THIS! We hear it so many times how people want to know what someone’s favorite position is but they are too nervous to ask until they are in bed with one another. That’s fine but wouldn’t you want to know ahead of time if you could? Now you can so list one!

You’re almost ready to fuck locals!

Below we have provided a few quick reminders of what NOT to put on your profile.


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