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How To Attract Women Without Talking To Them

January 6, 2022
By: Zephaniah Munro

When you think of communicating with a woman through fuck book, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Your pickup lines? How about the pleasantries you exchange with her? Maybe you're thinking of the way you shower her with compliments.

All of these represent communication, but they're also verbal like sexting. Did you know that most communication is non-verbal? It's not just the gestures you do, but your other actions and how you carry yourself. How can you successfully hookup with girls if you're not giving off the aura you should be?

Many women subconsciously decide on casual sex with a guy before even speaking to him. That decision can make your time with her very easy or very difficult. Much of this decision is based on what you communicate. So, if your vibes totally suck, you know what that means.

All hope isn't lost though. If you want a woman to start getting into you before you speak to her, you need to do things that appeal to her psyche. Here are a few things you can try.

Know Who You Are

Confidence is one of the key traits that women go for in moving forward with a meet and fuck. Plus, it works wonders if you're trying to hookup. Have you ever wondered why girls who claim to want a "good guy" fall for the worst kind of people in life? It's usually confidence. Yeah, he's evil incarnate, but he knows that, and he embraces that.

Girls are turned off by the kind of guy who seems like he's ready to be whatever she tells him to be. Work on yourself and stay true to who you want to be in order to find a fuck buddy. A woman can almost smell this stuff in the way you move, and if the scent is sweet, expect the attraction to follow.

That Facial Hair

So, as you know, there's a bit of a beard craze with many women. Those men who can't grow a full face of hair seem to be at a tremendous disadvantage. What you may not realize is that women like a groomed man.

If she's thinking about sleeping with you on her carpet, there's no reason for you to look like the carpet too! Groom the beard and keep it organized. There's no need for it to be growing behind your ears and down your neck.

Stay in Your Element

This goes hand in hand with knowing who you are to set up casual encounters. You must be the kind of guy women want to chase if you want them chasing you. There's no need for you to be tense and awkward just because there are a few quirks to your personality.

So, imagine that you're in the club and the DJ is hitting some sick music. You can feel that your body wants to move, but you don't. You choose to stay still because people are around, and you're concerned about how they may feel about your dancing.

Why does that matter? Do you know what your crazy dance indicates to a woman? It shows her that you're a fun guy and that she can have fun with you regardless of where you are. You don't allow external factors to stifle you. That's the kind of behavior that makes hooking up with girls so much easier.

Of course, you don't want to take it overboard by trying to show off. It should all just be natural. Make the girls see you enjoy just being you. Sooner or later they're going to want to join in on the fun.

Posture and Shoulders

If you're a man, you need to appear as if you are. Feeling butterflies is enough for a high school relationship, but that's not where you are, and that's not what you want.

A woman adores masculinity. She needs to be able to envision herself being safe with you. This also has implications for sexual attraction. If she can't imagine you taking control in the bedroom, you're fighting an uphill battle.

You need to do your best to maintain a good posture. It gives that extra masculine oomph to your aesthetic. If you're sitting like a turtle at your desk every day, you need to stop. Take a break, get up, and walk around.

Let Her See You See Her

A woman likes the confidence boost she gets when a man she notices checks her out. Let her see you eyeing her every inch. When she sees you, ensure you make strong eye contact. It communicates that "I want you" message.

This breaks down several barriers before the conversation even begins, which should make for a smooth trip.

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