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Should You Hook Up On The First Date?

April 29, 2022
By: Zephaniah Munro

Most people are familiar with the 'third date rule,' and it is a tradition when dating someone in general. It's supposed to uphold traditional values, especially for women, while in reality, it is disguised as 'playing hard to get.'

In recent years, however, people's views towards sex and dating have vastly changed. With technology providing convenience in our life, socializing and dating has become easier more than ever. People can now have casual encounters whenever they want to with just a quick push of a button. In fact, studies are showing that first date sex can end up in long-term relationships.

So, do you think hooking up on the first date is totally okay? We DEFINITELY believe so! But, of course, as with many things, it will largely depend on how you feel about it. So before logging in right now on a free Fuckbook app to find yourself a potential mate, let us share some of the reasons why it's okay to do the deed, especially on your first date.

It lets you determine if there's sexual chemistry from the start

Sure, it's easy to wait for it and deal with the 'getting to know each other' stage before finally deciding to sleep with them. For guys, it won't make them seem as if sex is what they're mainly after, and for girls, it won't make them appear that they're 'too easy.'

While these reasons may work for some people, wouldn't you want to know what kinks they have in the bedroom? Whether it's the third or the 20th date, you'll eventually go down to business with them. When that time comes, it's better to know beforehand what you're getting, so no one gets disappointed..

It's human nature

As social creatures, humans need sex. It is even classified as a physiological need under Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Therefore, there is no shame in wanting to just meet and fuck. If there's mutual attraction and both parties' consent on doing it, what's there to stop you?

Sometimes, it's best to let things flow naturally and if it involves a romantic date ending up in bed, just let it happen. After all, dates are intended to be a fun way to connect to people.

It cuts time for unnecessary drama and mind games

It can come off as hypocritical to people who pretend that sex is not a motivation to date someone. While it may be true for some people, honesty and openness are essential for a date to be enjoyable for both parties. Just cut to the chase; if casual sex is part of the deal and you both want it, then just do it.

It's FUN. Obviously.

Sex is a fun activity that everyone should experience every once in a while (if not all the time). It has a lot of benefits both for emotional and physical health. And when done right, it can boost your confidence and overall mood. If you don't end up as lovers but still know there's great chemistry in bed, you can still have that person as your fuck buddy. Just remember to practice caution and observe safety when doing it at all times.

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