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How to Get out of the Friendzone with a Sexy Girl (for Good)

November 13, 2021
By: Zephaniah Munro

It's hard to resist the allure of a sexy girls. It isn't hard to imagine why when the word "sexy" is used. Being attracted to these girls is almost inevitable and so is wanting to sleep with them is even more so.

If you feel as if you'd like to take your sexy friend to bed, then it's time for you to shoot your shot. This is easy enough if you don't have an established position in your life. However, nothing can help you if you've been placed in the friendzone… or so they say.

It turns out that with the right set of moves, you can climb out of that bottomless well and get her in your bed.

Kill the Daytime Dates

Daytime dates rarely if ever, lead to casual sex. When they do, it's usually because you have already established a sexual relationship. If you're still looking to exit the doomed friendzone, then chances are you've not crossed that boundary yet.

When you're taking a girl out for coffee or to the zoo during the day, you're screaming "I like being your friend and spending time with you." Trust me, girls love quality time with their friends, especially if there's free food involved.

You communicate a completely different subliminal message to a girl when your initial dates are predominantly nighttime ones. Take her to a bar to get some drinks or invite her over to "Netflix and chill." The night is when people meet and fuck, so if that's your intention, you need to make the smart moves.

You need to be a master player of this mental game with women, so you can shift their perspectives to more desirable ones.

Use Sexier Compliments

Before explaining this one, a vivid example should get your mind in the right place. Imagine a pretty girl looks at you and says, "You have nice eyes." There's no denying that it's a great confidence booster, but unless you're always super sexually charged, it doesn't do much in that regard.

Now imagine the same pretty girl says, "I love the way your pants hang off your hips." You probably instinctively want to respond by telling her to come take them off. The effect a compliment like that has is completely different.

The same applies to women. Remember that men are consistently chasing them and try to boost their confidence all the time. They are always hearing how pretty they are or how nice their hair looks.

Your compliments need to express your more sexual side if you want to be anything but that good friend that she can talk to about anything.

Don't be afraid to tell her how sexy she looks in her short shorts, or how kissable her lips look when sexting. It may be uncomfortable for you if you already have an established dynamic with her, but do you want to get in those panties or not?

You're the Only Man She Can Talk About

So, you're probably not trying to become her boyfriend, but think about how relationships work. What if your girlfriend came to you because she was having guy problems? What if she kept expressing how cool some guy is to you?

The first thing you may feel is that there's a lack of respect. Seriously, who cares about Tom and his sense of humor?

She may not be your woman, but you must nip this one in the bud before it catches on. You may think that you can poison her mind against a guy by listening and using subtle hints to highlight how good you are in comparison.

What you may achieve, however, is nothing more than affirming to her that you're willing to be a friend and not a fuck buddy.

Do not let her put you in that category. As soon as you hear it creeping in, put a quick stop to it. Let her know that you're here to talk to her about her and you don't care for this guy. That's not something she expects a friend to say to her, so you start putting yourself in a different category.

You also get bonus points for confidence and standing your ground, which never hurt when you're trying to attract a woman.

Stay Consistent

You've gotten some useful information here for escaping the friendzone. Just remember that you need to stick to the formula if you want to stay out of it permanently and use a fuckbook. If you got out and you let her put you back in, you can just cancel your plans for sex tonight.

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