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How To Make Your Ex Jealous

September 12, 2021
By: Zephaniah Munro

Jealousy is one of the most powerful emotions that exists. It can be uncomfortable to be jealous, but there's a sense of accomplishment that can't be explained when you are the reason someone is jealous.

This sense of pride may be the reason you want to make your ex jealous. Maybe you just want to make the person uncomfortable, or maybe you just want your ex to realize that there's no one else like you.

Your reasons are your own, but that doesn't mean there aren't some proven tactics you can use to achieve your nefarious goal. Check out the information below on just a few ways to get your ex to seethe in jealousy.

Look Damn Good

There's one advantage that you have where this whole jealousy thing is concerned. The fact that this person is an ex means that there was a strong attraction to you. While this attraction can fade over time, it can't be denied. Your ex may no longer be the person you call when you think of who to meet n fuck tonight, but that was once the case.

The more you shine out, the more you make your ex regret that the relationship has ended. After all, there are not many things more painful than the feeling of wanting something appealing while not being able to get it.

Do you know of any dating apps that your ex may be using? Plaster your new attractive look all over it, so the memory of you never goes away.

The Dating App

There's more damage you can do on a dating app than just throw up a hot picture. The image is the initial attraction. It should cause your ex to click on your profile to look through and sadly think of what used to be.

Stop and think for a moment though. What if you upped the steaks a bit and ensured that there was really something to be jealous of on your profile. Note that this may make you come off as a bit too sexually charged, but it's worth it, right?

So, you may be wondering how you do this. Well, dating sites usually require some sort of profile description or explanation of what you're looking for. This is where you say the things that you know can get under your ex's skin. Throw it out there that you're looking for some sexy fun and casual encounters.

Imagine the heart palpitations when your ex sees, "Moving on from my last relationship and ready to fuck tonight." Who said words never hurt? It seems that person was dead wrong based on the dating app chaos you're getting ready to cause.

Get out There and Date

Whether it's from the dating app or not, go on some dates! Make sure that you're sharing your experiences on your dating site profile, so it's out there for your ex to see.

One way to evoke feelings of jealousy is to make someone feel no longer needed. It's as if this person's value diminished overnight. Processing this may lead to sadness or anger, but jealousy is sure to follow. You don't have to sleep with the whole district but get comfortable dating and have a grand time doing so.

Social Media

If you're not the type that posts frequently, then this one may get a bit weird, but remember that jealousy is heavily sparked by perception. Your ex doesn't feel uncomfortable because of what is. The discomfort comes from what appears to be.

As far as that person is concerned, your new life is filled with fun experiences now. Make it seem as if you're living your best life. It doesn't hurt to sprinkle some status updates and pictures with someone who appears to be a love interest. You can also use sexting apps for this.

This kind of behavior is likely to create doubt in your ex. Your apparent thriving is enough to make this person second guess the breakup.

A Little Advice

While the information provided is great for creating jealousy, you need to be smart about it. Here's some advice:

  •  Don't pay too much attention to your ex while you're sparking jealousy. If you do, then you may end up becoming the jealous one. Your goal is to find a local fuck buddy.
  •  Don't go overboard. This jealousy is supposed to be something that happens in the course of your new life. It shouldn't look like a ploy to win the person back.
  •  Be careful. If you're not smart about this, you may just make your ex mad.

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