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The Best Casual Encounter Sites of 2020! [Since Craiglist is Gone]

Looking for casual encounters? Craigslist’s casual encounters section is gone so it’s been difficult. Find casual encounters near you.

Find Casual Encounters

What Are Casual Encounters?

Though your hands may be numb from all the masturbation you’ve been doing, it doesn’t mean that you want to be tied down with anyone. Casual encounters allow men and women to engage in all the raunchy sexual activities that they desire without any strings attached.

It’s perfectly fine for a man not to want the woman in such a context since all that matters is casual sex. The only concern you may have is that you don’t know where to find women willing to have casual intercourse dates with you. It’s not like you’re one of those men who have a line of women waiting to hookup with you.

Are There Casual Encounters Near Me?

If you know where to look, finding a new woman for your next hookup adventure is not something you have to go out of your way for. We know that a man only needs to get a woman to give him the time of day if he’s looking for hookups. What if we told you that there are loads of women who are open to the prospect and would delight in the casual experience?

Our fuckbook is one of the most excellent places for you to get laid with no strings attached. There are men and women on the app who are using it to find the kind of encounters that they like. If it has made so many people so happy so far, it can do the same for you.

Creating profiles is as easy as it is on social networks, such as Facebook. Once you are looking, you are bound to find people who you like for incredible hookups. The users are very open-minded, which makes the experience that much more fulfilling for those interested.

The Best Casual Encounter Sites

Below are the best five casual encounter sites right now.

Free Fuckbook App

Not many apps can do casual encounters as this app can. You can meet a plethora of interesting people who are not into long-term dating. It’s all about the casual encounter experience that gets men and women in the mood. You can expect to meet one or more new prospects each time you go on the app to search for profiles and ads. Share nudes and exchange sexy messages to your heart’s delight.

Well Hello

If you’re looking for a platform that allows people to be their freaky selves, this is one of the greatest ones. Men and women can come together online to send naughty messages and enjoy sex without getting into anything too serious. Imagine getting pussy offers from the comfort of your desktop with no effort. That’s the male dream, isn’t it?

Adult Friend Finder

It’s hard to find a more popular platform for casual encounters than AFF. People have been using the site for new sexual escapades for years, and they hardly give a bad review. One man can use limited information to locate numerous women to fuck with no strings attached. You’re bound to like the features too, and there are no pesky bots to deal with.

Ashley Madison

Imagine what a site must be like to be named “the adultery site.” Ashley Madison combines casual encounters with affairs, and it allows married persons who are looking for something new to have a good time with a single man or lady. It’s one of the most ideal places as the horny users you contact likely to have a relationship or marriage going on. They’re already in something serious, so they make perfect friends with benefits.


What if there were an adult version of Facebook that was dedicated to casual encounters? You could add persons as friends, send free sexting messages, and fuck to your heart’s content and never look back. Fuckbook allows men and women to spend time doing all this, as they delight in heart-pounding hookups.

The Pros and Cons of Casual Encounters

There’s a lot to like where casual encounters are concerned. What’s not to love about an arrangement that allows men and women to delight in a one-off experience that allows them to have the time of their lives? Many people are interested in the opportunity to share in such a casual dating encounter, and they are on the hunt for the next one.

However, sometimes persons need to step back, as nothing exists with no disadvantages. Even if the prospect of numerous matches and offers for sex are possibilities, users of apps for sexual arrangements need to think about the information available.


  • A perfect arrangement that allows you to discover the flings you are looking for with people you like
  • A casual dating arrangement where you can share a moment in sex with no prolonged dating commitment
  • Men and women who are interested in friends with benefits system don’t need to contact each other unless they’re both free and want sex
  • You can connect with one or more persons you may like through a mobile or desktop app for sex
  • It makes it easier for men and women to avoid the emotional burden that comes with serious relationships


  • It only works if both parties are mutually interested in each other
  • You never have a heads-up on what one-night stand dates are going to turn into
  • If you don’t search the right places, finding friends with benefits isn’t very easy
  • You can’t always trust what users post in ads if you are using an internet platform
  • You are expected to act confidently base on limited information

What Happened to Craigslist Personals?

Craigslist personals was a platform that allowed men and women to enjoy the kinds of experiences that they liked. There were three different Craigslist Personals subdivisions, which were:

  1. Hookups
  2. Platonic Friendships
  3. Dating

Therefore, you could use this arm of Craigslist to find casual encounters, users to exchange a message with, and persons for dating purposes. It was a platform that allowed users to post ads that others could use to reach out when they were interested in.

The Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, passed in 2018, was why the site had to shut down. Though the Craigslist Personals team made it known that the popular platform was against trafficking, that wasn’t enough. For example, if a group of male degenerates decided to exploit the Craigslist platform to appeal to people looking for trafficking ads, the Craigslist team would be as liable as the men. To avoid any potential problems, the group decided to respond to the potential threat by shutting down this part of Craigslist.

Are the Sites above Similar to Craigslist Personals?

With Craigslist no longer in the casual encounters arena, persons must now look to a different platform to satisfy the needs they are looking to fulfill. Even if Craigslist can’t help with one-night stands anymore, men and women are still interested in them, so what happens?

You could check out one of the sites that we listed. Craigslist Personals was a classified ad system only. All the sites listed have even better offers than Craigslist did. You can make matches with other persons based on preferences, which means they are more likely to respond to whatever message you send. 

How to Arrange Your First Casual Encounter?

If you are interested in casual encounters, then your first order of business is to take advantage of the site list that we provided above. It’s as if you’re playing life on easy mode since you can access a platform overflowing with people you can enjoy casual sex with. You just need to go about things the right way.

The first step is to start using profile data to locate people who appeal to you. Ensure your profile is completed as well, so they are more inclined to like you too. Thankfully, these platforms are all more intuitive than Craigslist, so you should have no problem searching for people and sending messages. 

Be polite but confident. Remember that the other members are also in the market for a one-night stand, so you don’t need to make it a mystery. Be honest about what you want and move the conversation to the point where adequate plans are being made.

Are Casual Encounters Safe?

Casual adventures only become risky if you don’t take the right precautions. For example, are you using a site that we suggested, or did you go with an unsafe alternative? Even when you do select a recommended platform, you still need to be careful.

Arrange to meet in safe places and never stick your dick into anyone with no protection. Trust us on that.