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The Best 8 Sexting Apps for Adults in 2020 [with Sexting Online Guide]

Are you looking to start sexting? We’ve compiled the 8 best sexting apps for adults. These free sites connect you with members to sext.

Start Sexting

What Are Sexting Apps?

Even before we could dream of a messaging app, such as WhatsApp, sexting was a thing. Of course, there was no dedicated app for it, but that didn’t stop people from having audio and written sexual experiences. Today, there are many sexting app alternatives that you can use for a free and fun sexual experience.

These apps allow you to exchange messages with other people online who are looking for a stranger to get freaky with over the phone. Imagine using a form of social media that was dedicated to phone sex and spicy conversations. You may even blow a load in the end, depending on how horny the juicy content makes you.

The Best 7 Sexting Apps and Sites for Adults

It’s natural for almost everyone to sext these days. Whether it’s with a significant other or interesting strangers, it’s not new for persons to send naughty text messages to each other. Even nude photos and hot video content often get into the mix.

We know of seven awesome sexting app options built to help you find that kind of experience. Since we believe in the sexy fun, we decided to make this information available, so you can sext the night away. So, here are the best sexting apps for your private sexual messaging desires.

Free Fuckbook App

This fuckbook app helps you take your sexual experience to the next level without providing a phone number. With access to a private messaging feature that has end to end encryption, there’s nothing for you not to like. Send whatever message, photo, or video you want, without looking over your shoulder. It’s the kind of anonymous chat experience you crave.

Well Hello

While phone sex is prevalent, some of the naughty things you may like are not. Well Hello is one of the few site alternatives that makes it easy for anyone to find like-minded individuals. There is a diverse set of real users looking to meet and fuck and to have a good time satisfying their kinks. Exchange naughty secure texts, photos, and videos with no fear.

Adult Friend Finder

Here is another one of the top platforms for those who want to make great memories with free sexting. Using this secure platform is very easy, and every member is also looking for a sext partner. You don’t need to provide a barrage of information to get started, and sending something naughty is very intuitive.


If you’ve ever used Facebook before, then you already get how Fuckbook works. It’s the same easy process you know, and you can use it to sext from your phone or computer. The chat feature is as smooth as you could ever want, and the vibrant user base can make for a great time. It’s as if there’s a new fuck buddy every day and someone to sext almost every day.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison helps persons in committed relationships to locate new partners to sext. Discretion is the order of the day here, and that comes out in both the information protection and private message mechanisms. The casual encounters app takes all the precautions necessary to make sure you have a secure experience. Whether you want to send text, videos, or sexy photos, your content is always safe.


This is a sexting platform that decided to take the chat feature of Snapchat and make it into a sext sending machine. If you need an app with a fantastic private video chat option, SnapSext has you covered. Some girls use the platform for cam shows, so it has to be a secure one. Feel free to exchange private videos and photos in an easy way. Many real members use the app for phone sex and casual sex with people like you.


Signal wasn’t designed for those who want to sext, but its design makes it perfect for sexting. It uses a powerful end to end encryption and even allows you to destroy any information you don’t want floating around. Once you know to get and install it, the sexting game is one. The only potential drawback is that the registration process requires a phone number. However, you can sext, share raunchy photo content, and enjoy phone sex freely.


Dust is another cool app that can take the worry out of the sexting equation. Its workflow is similar to Snapchat in a good way, and it encrypts your messages when you sext. Your photos and other private content never fall into the hands of malicious persons.

Are These Sites Free to Signup?

Each app listed allows you to sign up at no cost. There are some, however, that require a membership to take advantage of all the features. However, each is upfront with the membership information you need. Credit card payment is the norm for the paid options, and you then have access to all the features you could want for getting your sext on in the right way. Note that most of the signup processes are very short.

How Do You Sext Online?

The first thing you want to do is choose an appropriate free sext platform to exchange messages. Of course, you can refer to the information we provided above to ascertain your top options. Employ the search feature to locate the attractive persons you want based on their profile photos and information.

Don’t start the conversation with nude photos, as that kind of content turns prospects off at the onset. If you want someone to become interested, you need to sext strategically before getting into the naked photos.

What Are the Best Ice Breakers?

It takes 10 seconds to ruin a potential sext partner’s opinion of you. However, you can gain a favorable perception of the same timeline. Ice breakers should wow the person you’re after by either being funny or intriguingly shocking. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. How did you survive so long before meeting me?
  2. You’re going to fall for me. Just try to control yourself.

Best Way to Send Nudes

Sexy content sits at the center of the sext arrangement. The problem is that if you become too eager with your naked photos, you can turn an interested sexter off very quickly. You can’t just burst out with the nudes for seemingly no reason. As you continue to exchange messages, push the boundaries slowly. Your first photo should be fully clothed.

Slowly reveal more and more, as you become more open and comfortable with each other. Eventually, the birthday suit photos can make their debut.

Is Sexting Safe?

Whether you’re sending 100 free sexts or paying for them all, safety is an important part of the equation. Once you aren’t exchanging any personal information, such as your address, then you have nothing to worry about. Note that these sentiments only apply to the applications that we suggested. If you choose some unknown platform, and aliens beam you up into the sky, that’s on you.