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Are You Looking for a Fuck Buddy? [3 Step Guide]

Do you want a fuck buddy? Read our 3 step guide and use our free app to find a fuck buddy near you. Local fuck buddies are waiting!

Find a Fuck Buddy

What Is a Fuck Buddy, and How Do I Find One?

Instead of always worrying about spending your life in the prison of a relationship, you can get the sex that you like and never have to deal with the commitment nonsense. When you get a hot fuck buddy, you and your sexual friend only need to see each other whenever both of you are horny and ready. You can satisfy each other’s needs for fun sex in the freakiest ways possible, yet you can keep living your separate lives. This article aims to give you the short version of all the facts you need.

That kind of arrangement takes care of your horny desires, so you don’t have to please yourself for the millionth time embarrassingly. So, how do you go about making something like this a reality? Well, follow these three steps: 

1. Signup

Even if you’ve never been the most tech-savvy person in the world, it takes all of 45 short seconds to create your profile. 

2. Choose a member

Identify whichever of the numerous hot people you are looking to make your personal friend with benefits, and say something interesting.

3. Meetup and Hookup

Once you both exchanged profile data and contact details, be ready to engage in brief dating that can lead to exchanging bodily fluids through sex.

Three-Step Guide Using a Free Fuck Buddy App

Of course, that little summary you just got is not enough for you to know what’s up. It lays a good foundation, but you’re going to need something more meat on that explanation before you start making friends with benefits the way we intend. One of the best parts of this whole thing is that it’s free. Why should you be spending your money to have sex with someone you may never see again in your life? 

While we have nothing against the ladies of the night, we know that’s not the kind of arrangement you’re signing up for here. The hotties here became members because they are always ready to get down and dirty with people like you. Of course, that requires you to have the balls to start a conversation, so that someone else can have fun with your balls for once. 

Here is a better outline of what you need to do to get started with casual sex dating without further ado. There may be hope for you yet if you follow the guidelines.


Download and Signup

First, you can’t be using an app that you don’t even have. Therefore, you need to start by downloading the free Fuckbook app software package. You could use the web page, but it’s more convenient to have the app, especially when you’re on the go. 

The next step is to create your free account, which takes virtually no time. After you understand and answer a couple of simple questions with preset answers, you start by providing an email address. Your phone number is optional, but feel free to enter it if you like. Once you provide a little more basic required and related information, it’s time for you to dive in.


DM with Members

With your profile created, it’s time to slide into some profile DMs for the first time, so you can start looking to slide between some legs. There are so many attractive people to search for and locate, regardless of what the concept of attractive means to you. Our app features a diverse set of members who have something amazing in common. They always can never wait to enjoy a horny sex partner!

That’s the perfect attitude for them to have, as turning them into open sex partners would be that much harder if they wanted something like prolonged dating. Get that conversation flowing, and let her know you would love to make friends with her pussy. Please don’t say it like that, though!


Meetup and Hookup

Assuming you have anything but the personality of a log, it shouldn’t take much time for you to get the first couple of people to agree to meet you for a couple of good rounds of sex. Though it’s not very hard, we still wish to advise you always to keep your guard up. Choose a safe dating place for both of you, and protect yourself before you slide in. You never know a stranger and what to expect from the situation.

Once you take the necessary protocols, your fuck buddy dating experience is likely to be something pleasant. Rinse and repeat, and you might never have to touch yourself at any time.

Will I Be Fulfilled with a Fuck Buddy?

Please ask yourself something that you can use to help you to answer this. What does it take to make you satisfied in a hookup situation? Leave your hands out of the mix, as you are probably more familiar with them than you should be. 

Say the answer out loud as honestly as you can. Is it that you are looking for a girl to open her throat for you? Maybe you might need a woman who can fold herself in two as you enter her. Maybe you might even want a dominatrix to beat the crap out of you while you call her Wonder Woman. 

The point is to think about what gets you off. When you’re in the DM phase, try to feel out how far other people are willing to go with you, and if your needs can be satisfied with whatever limits are present. We know you’re not going to feel fulfilled if you don’t thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Remember that you usually converse with someone first to establish your meeting parameters and get at least some understanding of how sexually compatible both of you are. If you’re concerned about our app’s capability to help you meet someone who can fulfill your needs, we’d advise you not to think about that situation. Some of the girls here may even be too hot for you to handle.

Do All Fuck Buddy Situations Workout?

We’d be lying if we told you that all fuck buddy arrangements played outright. However, there is normally some avoidable fault present, which means the process could go better. All your new fuck buddy arrangements can go flawlessly if you know how to approach them right the first time. 

One of the most important tasks is establishing what you’re content with and what kind of situation you’re hoping to create with people. You can’t sell the idea of a serious relationship to someone who you might want to bang in the park and never talk to on another day. Men who put on such an act set themselves up for disaster with women. Proceed straight to the point and be honest.

It’s also important for you to remain ever true to yourself and your needs. No matter if you think that a babe is too beautiful for words, don’t try to fit into her dating world because you want to sleep with her. It’s best to leave her alone and find someone willing to spread her legs for you as you are. 

Honesty and a straightforward approach are the two best policies here. Once you stick to those, you can go through numerous fuck buddies without ever having to think about things going south.

Is Casual Sex for Everyone?

This is a kind of arrangement that requires you to delight in sex and nothing else. For people who like the idea of love, serious relationships, and commitment, casual sex should be the last thing on their minds. 

We’re sure you’ve heard the term “catching feelings” more than one time. Not many problems can ruin the perfect fuck buddy arrangement worse than that can. When endearment starts to get into the mix, the pure sexual experience is lost. Things like jealousy and expectations start coming into the picture first, and the sex is no longer worth it. 

We don’t know if you think of it as a bad thing or not, but habitual casual sex requires some level of detachment from normal feelings. If you can definitively say that serious relationships are not your thing and you want to clap some new cheeks, then casual sex is right up your alley. That doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person unless you’re pretending to want a relationship to get some action.

Can I Continuously Hookup and Not Be in a Relationship?

This is normal for many people around the world. We could even go as far as saying that fuck buddies are just as common as people who are in a long-term relationship. Not everyone who wants to receive some steamy sex also wants to be tied down with someone. 

Having continuous casual sex only requires you to find other people who want no strings attached. You could even fuck the same person every time, once you’re able to do so with no attachment. That’s what makes for some of the most enjoyable fuck buddy situations. Two or more people only speak to each other when they want to play in the sheets, and no strings are attached. 

Once you have no desire for a relationship, hook up as much as you’d like to. The Fuckbook app is a great place to find casual encounters, as there are loads of members who want nothing more than a sexual itch scratched.  

Hopefully, this article put you on the straight and narrow path to fuck buddy fun!