How to Win at Tinder and Get Them in Your Bed

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Tinder, an alternative to fuckbook, is a dating site at heart, and it should be used to form meaningful connections, right? Of course not! That’s not why you’re looking for tips, and that’s certainly not why you joined Tinder in the first place. The women that are there looking for a good man to become a husband are not the ones you’re after.

These women are looking for commitment and a strong foundation. You’re just here to satisfy your strong erection. So, obviously your targets are the Tinder sluts. These are the girls that you can just meet and sleep with, before you move on to repeat the process.

Of course, you can’t always tell who the Tinder sluts are. Only a few of these girls are open to the fact that they just want some casual sex. In fact, some aren’t even aware of that fact themselves. So, why not make them realize?

So, how do you make a girl swipe right? When you match with a girl, what should you DM her? Should you greet her and ask how her day was? Should you just ask her to come sleep with you?

The Killer Profile

Landing a successful fuck buddy is a mind game, and all you need to do is play it right, so she plays into your hands.

What does a girl know about you before she sees your profile? Absolutely nothing? Do you know what that means? It means that your profile is all she can base her decision on, so you must make it appeal to her.

Your profile image can make or break her desire. Try to optimize it for looks, status, or even a little money if you have some. Remember, a girl wants what other girls want. Appear to be what other girls want.

Your bio is the next consideration. Make it short and sweet like saying “down to meet n fuck“. Whatever you say should command her interest and make her want to find out more about you. If your bio is too long, you may as well have, “I want a relationship” plastered on your forehead in Times New Roman with a size 70 font.

The Matching

One of the mistakes people make is to overthink this part. Do yourself a favor, and don’t be one of these people. Just swipe right on everyone and start free sexting. You can always filter your matches later and ignore anyone that doesn’t look right.

Remember, your conversation is a screening process. The idea is to try to ascertain if she is willing to meet you. You can’t get laid over Wi-Fi after all! Be careful how you go about this. You can’t let her feel as if she knows exactly what to expect. Maintain a sense of mystery as you speak.

There’s no need to tell her your life story or your philosophical beliefs. Make meeting you seem like an incentive.

The Date

With a successful profile and great conversation, you’ve managed to get her to agree to meet you. This is it! All you need to do now is make the right moves, and you may not have to sleep alone.

Remember how getting a Tinder fuck is a mind game? This is where you tun the game up to its highest level. Once you can get her to feel the right set of emotions about your date, you can get her in bed.

Sex is about comfort for most women, and you need to successfully break her mental barriers to make her comfortable with you. Take her somewhere that feels safe and create a relaxing environment for her. Allow her to trust you until she allows you into her space.

Men are traditionally chasers, and this means that women consistently deal with advances that range from mild to uncomfortable. Appeal to her confidence with what you say, so she feels as if she controls the narrative. 

This is one of the biggest pieces of your mental game. A woman is more likely to do something because she feels like she wants to than if she feels like she’s being coerced. Of course, you’re the one who came to sleep with her, but make her think she’s in control.

Breaking the touch barrier is another important thing during your casual encounters. You can’t have sex with her if she isn’t warmed up to your touch. As she’s getting comfortable and allows you into her space, let her get used to your touching her.