How to Talk Dirty to a Girl and Turn Her on Constantly (with Examples)

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Sex is a very physical occurrence, but that’s not all there is to it. Many men are silent in the bedroom, and some prefer to do mild moaning. While more isn’t needed in many cases, you can do wonders for your sex life if you talk dirty to her. 

If sexting is a new territory for you, then you may be worried about completely embarrassing yourself. Maybe you watched some porn, and you heard the way the men do it, and that just isn’t you. You’ve probably even tried to say some “sexy” things out loud, and they just all sound wrong.

After all, casual sex can go downhill very quickly if things get awkward, right? So, to avoid turning her off completely, you just shut up or grunt. Well, you’re not an animal, so you have the power of speech, which you need to use. The power you can have over a woman if you talk to her right is immeasurable.

Here is some insight for you on keeping a woman turned on with dirty talk.

Ease Yourself into It

Dirty talk via sexting apps gives you free reign to express all those perverted thoughts you’ve been holding in since day one. However, you need to be smart about the said “free rein” until you’re comfortable doing it.

Blurting out a bunch of random thoughts in succession may leave her as dry as a desert, which can make things very uncomfortable.

Have you ever watched those Discovery channel videos where the predators slowly stalk their prey as they prepare for the kill? Do you see how slow and methodical each step is?

Imagine that you’re one of these predators, and you don’t want your prey (the girl in this case) to make a break for it. Therefore, you move slowly. You express each thought in a logical and sequential manner with purpose.

This gives her time to process and respond to everything that you’re saying, which makes each statement meaningful. Remember, practice makes perfect. Once you get more comfortable with her, the speech becomes so natural that no effort is required.

Appeal to Her Mind

Men tend to forget that women don’t get turned on in the same way that they do. Men are more visual creatures. You may just see a hot girl and instantly want to bang her. It’s not that women aren’t attracted to a hot body too, but the urge to sleep with someone over his look is much less likely.

Women are thinkers, and they are more emotional, which means that you need to get inside her head and make her yours. That’s the way to get her to do all those naughty things that you have imagined for so long.

There are three aspects to doing so that you should focus on until it becomes natural. You need to express the following:

  • What’s on your mind
  • What you desire 
  • What’s in front of you

First, there’s what’s on your mind during a casual encounter. If you’re thrusting deep into a woman, chances are what’s on your mind is not the scores in last night’s football game. You may be thinking about how long you’ve wanted this, and now she’s all yours. It’s fine to speak up and let her know that.

Hearing something along the lines of, “you’re gonna get it after making me wait so long” is music to a woman’s ears. Her mind is prepared for the “punishment” she’s about to get, and it makes her salivate.

The second aspect of it is what you desire. Sex is about pleasing you just as much as it is about pleasing her. Women are usually very intent on ensuring that you have the time of your life, but you need to let her know what it takes for her to achieve that.

If you want her to bend over and start arching her back, let her know. Also, when you’re telling her to do it, don’t be afraid to tell her what’s about to happen when she does. So, you could try something like, “bend over and let me drive this dick deep inside you.”

Finally, there is what you see. So, women tend to brush off the “sexier” compliments in every other context except the bedroom. This is where she wants them all. Whatever you think about her boobs or her sexy body, let that cat right out of the bag.