Why Do Girls like Sleeping with Tall Guys and What It Means for You (Short or Tall)

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There’s an undeniable fascination with tall men for many women. While not all women are captivated by height, the number of them that do is very significant. In fact, many of these women on fuckbook use a man’s height to decide to give him the time of day or not when he approaches.

If you’re a tall guy, then this is great news for you, as it appears that you have already won half the battle. Assuming your personality isn’t that of a brick, then you should be well on your way to winning her over.

If you’re a short guy, then it’s as if the odds are against you. Maybe you even feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle, and that you can never win that girl over.

Below is an exploration of this desire that covers the reasons for its existence and what it means for you.


This is one of the more psychological reasons. Many women have created a subconscious link between height and masculinity that even they don’t realize has been made.

Of course, this is not a factual reflection of masculinity, but many women feel as if a taller man is a more masculine man. To them, the height is just a physical manifestation. This makes them go for the taller men as they crave the more “manly” ones.


It’s no secret that women enjoy feeling safe. One of the things that they crave from relationships is a feeling of safety. Being physically imposing is one way to achieve this, which is why bodybuilders have an advantage even if they really can’t lift much in the gym.

In this regard, it’s more of a look than reality, and tall men give women the same kind of impression. When women see the stature of a tall man, he is thought to be better able to offer protection. Even being hugged by a tall man is enough to make a girl feel above all the dangers of the world.

This is more of an evolutionary thing, where taller men were chosen because they were better able to protect women and provide for families. Of course, humans haven’t been limited to hunting or gathering for employment in many years, but this view seems to still be very present.


This is the flip side of the coin where masculinity is concerned. Though many women act as if they don’t need a man for anything, they do enjoy the feminine feeling it brings. Ever wondered why a woman is more likely to hookup with a man that really makes her feel “like a woman?”

It’s a feeling that women genuinely enjoy, and tall men give women that feeling. The taller a man is, the smaller and more petite the woman feels. This gives a womanly feeling that also gives a huge confidence booster.

Media Influence

It’s hard to unlearn everything that the media teaches over the years, and this is one such thing. While the media doesn’t exclusively say “date tall men or you’re doing something wrong,” it does create an image.

Think about all those movie couples. The man is usually taller and more physically imposing than the woman, who is usually on the more petite size.

Lifting women and kissing their foreheads are things that they learn to love over time, and it’s generally accepted that taller men are better able to do these things.

Wearing Heels

Not every woman is a fan of heels, but for those who are, things can get a bit awkward when the said heels cause them to become taller than the men they choose.

This can be either because the woman feels weird or because the man feels less masculine. Whatever the case may be, this can be avoided completely if the man’s height makes it a non-factor.

What Does It Mean for You?

Regardless of what your height may be, this preference has implications for you. First, what if you’re a tall guy? Well, it means that you have an advantage. Keep doing what you’re doing and look down over the heads of those who are more vertically challenged.

If you’re short, however, you don’t have any such advantage. Therefore, you need to give women the feelings they crave with alternative methods. For example, you can make a woman feel feminine by complimenting her. You can appear to be more masculine by maintaining a good posture and being unapologetically you. You need also to be confident in who you are, so you aren’t mentally phased by her heels.