How to Not Give a Fuck When It Comes to Hooking up with Women (and Attract Them)

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Hooking up with women starts in the mind. It’s about making her feel as if she’s ready and wants to have casual sex with you. Now, you could spend time with her, date her, start a relationship, and let the sex come to you then, but that’s not what you want, is it?

You’re just here to meet n fuck. You need this woman to open her legs to you, and not her mind. If you start to show care for her, you’re setting yourself up for failure, because moving on becomes a challenge.

If you want to attract women for casual encounters without giving a fuck, it’s much easier than you think. Even if you’re the type of person who may struggle with not caring, hope isn’t lost for you. It’s important to remember that she can only see what you show her. If she never knows you’re starting to care, then did it even happen?

All the advice below is aimed at achieving one thing, which is freeing yourself from the burden of caring.

She Needs to Take It or Leave It

If you have a problem taking this stance, then you can kiss your chances of a one-night stand goodbye. Do you think projecting the “take it or leave it” attitude makes you a bad person? News flash! You’re out here trying to sleep with women on the first night, so not being accommodating is not the worst thing in the world.

Think about how the dynamic works with women. Chances are that you’re usually the chaser. You want to fuck now, but she’s over there playing hard to get. For all you know, she wants it too. The point is you want the victory, and she’s the challenge.

It’s time to pop your bubble though, because you’re not the only one embarking on this challenge, and she’s always being chased and hearing the same things repeatedly. You need to stick out like a sore thumb in her mind, and you can only do so by being different.

When you be unapologetically you, women tend to take notice. Think about it this way. All those other guys that are chasing her like a moth to a flame aren’t going anywhere. They’re also using very similar tactics, so there’s nothing unique to grab her attention. She may not give them a chance, but she likes the power that she commands in this way.

When you present a genuine threat of just going as if it doesn’t matter, it’s different for her. You become a challenge for her. She starts working to ensure that she preserves “her power.”

Stop Faking

You don’t need to be accountable to the world, so stop trying so hard. Women are very good at telling when a man is putting on a show to impress her. You need to just be you when using your sexting app and give her the chance to want you.

Say yes or no if that’s what you feel, once ensure that you’re communicating what you want to. Also, stop taking the time to explain things to do damage control.

You don’t owe her an explanation. You don’t owe anyone an explanation! This is who you are, and you’re not changing that just to please some girl.

Behaving like this can feel a bit unsettling if you’re not used to it. However, like most things, it feels more natural as you do it more. This makes you feel like a real man to her, which is one of the most attractive things to a woman.


Have you ever seen the way a cat just can’t resist catnip? Confidence is a trait that has a similar effect on women. You don’t need to put her on a pedestal to make her your fuck buddy. Also, make the move you feel like making, regardless of how you think she may respond.

Don’t take this the wrong way now. Don’t go grope her and be disrespectful. This advice applies to those normal things you want to do, but don’t because “she may not like that.”

Just in case confidence is not something that comes to you naturally, try these tips to give yourself a boost until it becomes natural:

  • Express your sexual desire regardless of the shame or fear you may feel
  • Tease a woman instead of complimenting her to the moon and back
  • Pretend every girl wants you but just doesn’t know it yet
  • Let her qualify herself with the questions you ask. Try something like, “Why should I buy you a drink?”
  • Maintain a relaxed posture